• About us

Advancing Diabetes Health Care


The organization is founded with the purpose of:

  • Raising public awareness on diabetes;
  • Lobbying for the rights of people with diabetes;
  • Education for Diabetes;
  • Promotion of educational materials for diabetes;
  • Organize trainings, seminars and workshops for diabetes;
  • Marking of World Diabetes Day.

In order to accomplish its purposes, the organization will undertake, but will not be restricted to, the following activities:

  • Organization of seminars, lectures, roundtables, and development of trainings for health sector projects, with the character of community education on diabetes risk;
  • Publication of educational materials, educational brochures for diabetic patients;
  • Organizing various educational visits to diabetic patients;
  • Organizing national and international events in honor of the Diabetes Day;
  • Lobbying and advocacy in local and foreign institutions for the rights of diabetic patients.


  • Capacity Building of the Kosovo National Diabetes Association
  • Lobbying and advocating for a better position of diabetic patients
  • Membership in organizations of interest
  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyle and Education

Main challenges of the association

  • Lack of data and statistics
  • Sustainable financing of the association
  • Communication with decision-making institutions


Membership to the organization is open to any person regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, nationality, religion, age or physical ability.

  • The Assembly of Members shall determine whether a membership fee shall be required from members. Membership failure, upon written notice, will serve as a basis for expulsion of the member from the organization.
  • Membership of any member can also be terminated or suspended by decision of the Assembly of Members in case of: Failure to enforce the statute of the association
  • The termination or suspension of membership by the Assembly of Members shall be decided by the majority/unanimity of the members present.


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