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Having regular check-ups:

15 healthcare essentials – regular check-ups

Having the right care is essential for the well being of all people with diabetes. As well as looking after yourself, there are 15 vital checks and services that everyone with diabetes should get regularly from their healthcare team.

You can use this list to talk to your healthcare team about your individual needs as part of your annual care planning review. This is where you should agree your priorities, discuss your personal targets and agree a written plan of action to help you reach them.

What are the 15 Healthcare Essentials as part of a regular check-up?

The 15 Healthcare Essentials is the minimum level of healthcare everyone with diabetes deserves and should expect.

  1. Get your blood glucose levels measured (HbA1c blood test)
  2. Have your blood pressure measured
  3. Have your blood fats measured
  4. Have your eyes screened for signs of retinopathy
  5. Have your feet and legs checked
  6. Have your kidney function monitored
  7. Get ongoing, individual dietary advice
  8. Get emotional and psychological support
  9. Be offered health education sessions by your healthcare professionals
  10. See specialist healthcare professionals
  11. Get a free flu vaccination
  12. Receive high-quality care if admitted to hospital
  13. Have the chance to talk about any sexual problems
  14. If you smoke, get support to quit
  15. Get information and specialist care if you are planning to have a baby

Source: Diabetes UK (https://www.diabetes.org.uk/)

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